Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The People Demand To Know!

In this current election cycle, we have heard the politicians wax poetic about such meaningless topics as taxes, the economy, health care, and immigration. We the people of the trailer park demand to know the truth about about what the government is hiding. Specifically why they refuse to tell us the truth about the beast that has ravaged the coast line and kept the citizens of this fine earth in constant terror. I don't mean Hillary Clinton in a bikini. I mean THE LOCH NESS MONSTER!

The ball is in your court Democrats and Republicans. Will you tell us the truth? Will you shed light on this extraordinary creature? The votes of the 6 people in my park that can still legally do so are riding on this!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rock and Roll Band

The album of the day is one of my all time favorites. I was cranking it this morning as I cruised down the 202 in my sweet Ford Windstar, The Copper Nugget. It's none other than the debut album from New England's favorite sons: Boston.

There's two reasons for today's choice. The first is that the album RAWKS! Yes I did just say rawks. That's how much this album rules. This album is what rock and roll is all about. Smooth production, killer guitars, awesome vocals with the perfect amount of harmonizing in all the key moments, and just the right ratio of the most under appreciated instrument in a rock bands arsenal-The Keyboard.

The lyrics are the kind of blue collar, lunch box carrying, manly man type of language that even a white collar slob, like myself, can relate to, or at least wish they could relate to. Check out the lyrics to Peace of Mind and just try to find fault in them. I triple dog dare you!

Now if youre feelin kinda low bout the dues youve been paying
Futures coming much too slow
And you wanna run but somehow you just keep on stayin
Cant decide on which way to go
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Now youre climbin to the top of the company ladder
Hope it doesnt take too long
Cantcha you see therell come a day when it wont matter
Come a day when youll be

Now everybodys got advice they just keep on givin
Doesnt mean too much to me
Lots of people out to make-believe theyre livin
Cant decide who they should be.

I understand about indecision
But I dont care if I get behind
People livin in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind.

Preach on my brotha's!

The second reason is that the greatest video game of all time, ROCK BAND, came out with a six pack of Boston tunes this week to jam out to. I gots me a gig scheduled tomorrow over at my buddy's house. I got virtual fans that are about to get their virtual pants rocked this weekend. RESPECT SUCKAS!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman

I give you the Liger. It has been bred for its skills in magic. It's pretty much my favorite animal.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary was telling the truth!

View the dramatic video Here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Truth

Greatest Album of All Time

Since this is my first post, and I have nothing profound to say, I'll just start with the album that is #1 on my desert island list.

Pink Floyd: The Wall

This is the only concept album that I've come across where the story makes it the whole way through.

I think that most view then ending of the album as a negative with Pink offing himself. I think that you all are wrong. You see, he is sentenced to face his humanity by the judge, which is really his inner desire to free himself in worm form. He is then able to tear down the wall and walk away leaving bits of the wall scattered around for others to pick up and start construction of their own wall. We don't know what happens to Pink after that. Maybe Pink left the music biz and started selling his own wall building kits on QVC. I don't know, but I bet he has eyebrows now. You can't be on QVC without eyebrows. It's like a law.

The only way this album could be any better is if Rick Astley did the background vocals on Comfortably Numb.

You better respect!